Linux Certification

Linux Certification

The Linux certification program is unique, dividing the general areas of instruction into four distinct usage areas, referred to as arrays. These arrays are: Linux installation; System Administration; Network Connectivity; and Security, Ethics and Privacy. Linux further breaks these four arrays down into six general system components: Theory of Operation; Base System; Shells and Commands; System Utilities; Applications; and Troubleshooting. With this structure, Linux creates a two-dimensional array for thorough training and understanding. In doing so, Linux builds a Knowledge Array on a "usage vs. component" basis. There are three levels of certification available for Linux, known as the Linux Knowledge Matrix. Each level requires 128 hours of classroom instruction.

 Level 1 - Linux Certified Administrator:
The LCA requires a mastery of the basic material in all areas of the Level 1 Knowledge Array. Earning the LCA certification identifies the certified individual as a system administrator, with the ability to install and configure any Linux distribution, as well as add components that are standard on one distribution to another distribution as needed. There are four exams for the LCA certificate, one in each Knowledge Array. Passing Installation 1 and either System Administration 1 or Configuration 1 earns the LCP certification.
LCA Requirements

 Level 2 - Linux Certified Engineer:
The LCE requires a mastery of all materials in the Level 2 Knowledge Array. Earning the LCE identifies the individual as a System Manager. In addition to all abilities of an LCA, the LCE is qualified to supervise others in day-to-day operations of any Linux distribution. LCEs have the ability to employ standard Linux configurations for Internet server applications as well as multi-user and multi-platform configuration demands.
LCE Requirements

Level 3 - Master Linux Certified Engineer:
The MLCE requires a mastery of in-depth knowledge concerning the inner workings of Linux and the associated tools. The MLCE is qualified to perform as a Senior System Manager, deploying custom configurations of Linux components to create a unique installation that is independent of every distribution. These installations are specifically constructed for the situation.
MLCE Requirements

The demand for Linux certification is growing exponentially.


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